Welcome to MissionWares

Welcome to MissionWares, an inspired, multifaceted, technological vision.

We recognize God has equipped us with technical talents to meet felt needs throughout the world. Our intent is to testify that through the inspiration and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we can create and communicate amazing things that come from the inspiration of our all powerful and creative God.

We believe Jesus Christ has commissioned us to share His message throughout the world utilizing the technological and scientific talents He has entrusted to our generation.

We desire to encourage and empower others with similar vision to fulfill what have been entrusted to them by the Lord.

We believe God requires us to be faithful with the talents already entrusted to our generation and that He is looking for those who are faithful with these talents to entrust new and innovative concepts that will revolutionize and shape our world.

We recognize that God’s ways are often contrary to mans ways and so, we will model the distribution and communication of the innovations God entrust to us according to His character and not classic business models.

We appreciate your prayer and comments as we pursue God’s purposes for this ministry.

In His Service,
Greg Paskal